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Tylor Hunn added a Thought
20 minutes ago 3 miles away

Can anyone connect me with a guitar tutor? I used to play a few years ago and I'm looking to get back into it. Thanks!

Jessica Fieldsman added a Thought
25 minutes ago 4 miles away

Hey guys, my friend Charlie did an amazing job mowing my lawn, hasn't looked this good in years. If you ever need helping with lawn stuff, let me know and I'll share his listing with you.

Ryan Jackson added a Thought
30 minutes ago 5 miles away

Hey everyone, we have a job fair coming up next week at the local park. If anyone is looking for a job, there should be a lot of vendors there. Just wanted to share

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Help me rehearse before big day
Joshua Crawford
Fitness partner, 5 sessions
Felicity Hapstall
I need basic sewing skills for textile
Aiden Tran
Moving houses, need help!
Scarlett Baker
Offer your services!
I hand-paint shoes and bags
Matthew Smith
$100 / project
Korean & Chinese Translator/Tutor
Amy Chen
$30 / hour
Basic photography job
Lillian Pearce
$30 / hour
I can help with household chores
Mark Tsui
$20 / hour
I hand-paint shoes and bags
Matthew Smith
$100 / project
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