A social community for local help and services.

Core Values


Members come together to affirm practices of safety and security whilst addressing and removing abusive behaviour.


Paying attention to community members and ensuring their health, welfare, and protection.


Creating bonds between neighbours and friends to assure comfort when interacting with fellow community members.

Our History

SpairTime was established in Upstate New York in the year 2021. We are a social-networking community platform that provides a safe and reliable environment for service providers in the informal economy to offer their services to those in their local communities. By allowing people to connect with friends and clients, we believe that they will find work through the friendships and networks they build on our platform. At SpairTime, we don't believe that people belong in a marketplace, they belong in a community.

Whether you are a business owner needing help to build a website or an expecting mom needing help to lift a few furniture items, SpairTime is your trusted community of help.

The Founders

Naja Fragante & Tylor Hunn met in Sydney Australia while doing their studies. Being away from home, they immediately recognized the need for people to have an easy and secure means to ask for and offer help in a community-like setting. They both believe that life could be a bit easier and happier when people are in a community where help is only one post away.