How it works

Adding your services:

Listing your services on our SpairTime map is free and easy. Simply click the (+) bubble on the bottom right of the screen and select the option to “List your service”. You will then be asked to provide details about your service such as a description, images, rates, and availability. After filling in this information, select the option to publish and your service will be immediately added to our map. Easy as that!


Inviting someone to a task:

If you need help with a task from someone listed on our platform, you can click their listing and select the option to “Invite to task”. From here, you will be asked to provide details about the task including a description, due date, and budget. After filling in this information and inviting the service provider to your task, they will be notified by email and send you an offer if they are able to complete the task for you.

Another way to invite someone to a task is to visit that users profile, go to their services tab, and invite the user directly through their listing.

Sending an invitation to another user is completely free to do. By using our built-in messaging system for both messages and contracts, it is safe as you will never need to share your personal contact information.


SpairTime Payments:

With our built-in payment system, paying the service provider is safe and secure. When you accept on offer from a local service provider, you will be asked to provide your payment details powered by Strip payments. At that time, you will pay the agreed budget that was set for the task. These funds will be held by an intermediary SpairTime account until both the task poster and the service provider agree that the task has been completed. After both users mark a task as completed, the funds will be forwarded to the service providers SpairTime wallet minus our 10% transaction fee.


Withdrawing the money I earned on SpairTime:

If you have recently completed a task on SpairTime and have money in your SpairTime wallet, it is easy and free to withdraw the money from your SpairTime account into your personal bank account. To do this, you must visit your profile and select “My Wallet”. From here, you will see your available balance. To withdraw your balance into your bank account, you must update your bank details and request a withdrawal for the amount you would like sent to your bank. The funds will be sent within 3 business days.


Connecting with other users:

At SpairTime, we understand that the relationships we build with the service providers in our area are long-lasting as we continue to use the same providers that we have come to trust. By going to a service providers profile, you can connect with that user to make them easier to find for future tasks. You can also use our referral feature to share the service provider that you trust with other people who might need their help. Once you are connected to another user, you are free to message them as needed.